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The gisunt® clinic 

The gisunt® clinic is a specialist hospital for integrative medicine and therapeutic hyperthermia. We are a well-known medical center with international reputation for chronically ill and cancer patients, certified by the German Soiety for Hyperthermia e.V. in 2005. Therapeutic Hyperthermia, fever therapy, oxygen therapies and naturopathic treatments are our core competencies. The so-called systemic Cancer Multistep Therapy (sCMT), a proven approach in the treatment of late-stage cancer, has been brought to Dr. Holger Wehner by the therapy's originator and famous German medical pioneer, physicist and inventor Manfred von Ardenne. Until now, the therapy procedure has been transferred to multiple University Hospitals.

Our clinic spans over two floors in a typically north german redbrick house, offers nine in-patient beds and is located close to the "Kopperhörner Mühle" (historical mill) and a cozy hotel. Thereby our patients have a short way to the city center, the park or the beach of Wilhelmshaven.

Dr. med. Holger Wehner

"Our treatments are tailored to the individual needs of the patients. We do our best for you and make great efforts to develop suitable therapy concepts in order to alleviate symptoms, improve your prognosis, restore your quality of life and, at best, contribute to your recovery"

Doctor Holger Wehner, head of the clinic and chief physician is a doctor for general medicine and naturopathic treatments, nicotine therapist and specialist for hyperthermia for more than 30 years. The pleasure for innovation and his engagement were honoured with the appointment to a Professor for Integrative Medicine of the Academy for Medical and Social Rehabilitation in Moscow.