Therapy procedures at our clinic

With many years of experience and the latest medical technology, we offer excellent therapy and diagnostic options. Hyperthermia, fever therapy, oxygen therapy and naturopathy are our core competencies.

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Therapeutic Hyperthermia

Controlled therapeutical overheating for treating chronic diseases and cancer.

Moderate hyperthermia – whole-body hyperthermia from 38.5 °C up to the core temperature of 40 °C.

Systemic cancer-multistep-therapy (sCMT) – use of the synergisms of e.g. Hyperglycaemia, hyperthermia and oxygenation.

Regional deep hyperthermia – particularly gentle by partial heating of the affected regions.

Prostate hyperthermia – transurethral (through the urethra) thermotherapy use of temperatures above 45 °C.

Hyperthermia in the treatment of Lyme disease – infectious disease, wide spread and carried by ticks



Effective treating by reactivation of the body's own defense mechanisms.

Active fever therapy – drug-triggered fever to stimulate the immune system in various cancers, allergies, rheumatism, as a training of the immune system in chronic infections, for detoxification, but also for depression.

Biological immunostimulation – Close-to-nature and gentle support of the immune system at every stage of the disease and in accompaniment to other therapeutic measures.


Gentle and proven therapies from natural and empirical medicine.

Oxygen multistep-therapy (OMT) – stimulation of oxygen metabolism for the prevention and treatment of deficiency diseases.

Colon hydro therapy (colon cleansing) – healthy intestinal tract as a basis for health and well-being.

Ozone therapy – supportive in the treatment of immune deficiencies, migraine, viral infections and circulatory disorders.

EDTA Chelate therapy – for the detoxification of heavy metals (e.g., mercury) and toxins.